Thursday, August 27, 2009

Foot Massage Addiction

As promised, here is a short description of the harrowing tribulations of one foot massage addict.

Imagine a world wherein a massage parlor exists every fifty yards. These are not the massage parlors of North America, mind you. These massage parlors employ only the most well-versed, trained, consummate professionals. These professionals have mastered pressure points, oils, foot reflexology and a whole other slew of stuff I don't have the vocabulary for.

Imagine in this world people do an average of three to four hours walking every day. the climate is tropical, the sun is much more intense (because it is actually nearer)...the sweat is profuse.

Imagine a world with tuk tuk crowded streets, exhaust shooting into the air, horns beeping, dogs barking, peddlers shouting...

Inside each and every one of these massage parlors is a fan, an air conditioner, and soothing exotic music.

The average foot massage costs around 180 baht, or $5 U.S. dollars.

The oasis of calm and relaxation that is offered is more than the average human can bear (man and woman alike). The event is so serene that snores are not uncommonly heard.

Therefore, I am on a foot massage tear to rival that of any Brooklyn/Dublin junkie (and his/her preferred substance of abuse).


  1. your blog today made me think of the foot massage conversation in pulp fiction. funny.

    i also posted your blog on my facebook page today. people from high school & college ask about you so i put it up for anyone who's interested...hope you don't mind.

    i miss you safe!

  2. Hey Tony, Mark Pelletier here. Great reading. Awesome to soo you doing so well and living such an adventure.

  3. Tony.....
    Sent you another email this afternoon (Fri 8-28 in Phoenix). Have a foot massage for daoldgoat! Keep up the blogging....I enjoy reading them.