Thursday, August 27, 2009

Catching up on my reading....

I have done more reading over the past 8 days than I have in the previous two months (which makes me feel incredibly satisfied). I reread Dostoevsky's Notes From Underground (for the third time). I think that will forever remain one of the most powerful, and important, works that I will encounter in my lifetime. I am far from expert, and some of the concepts are still difficult for me to comprehend, but it never fails to have a significant impact. I plan on rereading at least once more in the coming weeks.

I have also reread Fante's 1933 Was a Bad Year. His stuff never gets old. It hits me emotionally as well as makes me laugh incessantly.

As of this afternoon, I am halfway through Christopher Hitchens' God is Not Great. The fact that one man can have such a vast knowledge of all of literature, be it philosophical, fictional, or historic, absolutely blows my mind and makes me wish I had completed more schooling. His achievements as a war-correspondent are equally impressive. He does come across as brash and arrogant, but I think he has earned the right. This book should be mandatory reading for anyone living today.

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