Friday, August 21, 2009

The longest subject

Riding in a taxi at 160 kilometers an hour along the Han River at dusk is a special thing. The driver weaved across all four lanes continously. He must have been sixty-five years old. I think it made his day when I came running to the curb just as he passed by. I was waving my arms frantically. I jumped in.

"Incheon airport, please go. Please hurry. My plane leaves in 2 hours."

I spoke in Korean, and he understood (which is always a special treat). He smiled and let his foot go lead. I think we actually caught air, for a mere second, while passing the airport golf course where the LPGA plays annually. I think it's hole 12 or 13. It's the par four green tucked into the hills along the freeway (or is it a par five?) and I think it's follwed by a par 3. But I digress...

A thought on hover travel.....

I met a man one night in Seoul a few years ago, named Tony, who was an engineer involved in constructing the elctromagnetic train in Korea. The train doesn't touch the rail. A two to four inch magnetic field, in which the force is sent and rebounded, propels the train at an alarming speed. One time when I rode it, I saw it hit 301 km/hr.

So, I'm in this taxi and we are literally flying out of Seoul. It is fitting that I didn't gte up early and take the mundane. methodical airport shuttle bus. I am leaving Seoul shot out of a cannon.

Here is serious respect to that taxi driver. He was getting it done.

I made my plane.

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