Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Leaving Seoul

After 6 years of living in the Land of the Morning Calm, it's finally time to say good-bye. I closed my bank accounts this morning and am going to shut off my phone this afternoon. Tomorrow morning will see me getting on the airport shuttle bus at 6 a.m. (ish) so I can use my one-way ticket to Bangkok. I like the sound of that "one-way ticket to Bangkok."

Over the past couple weeks I think I've gotten the chance to see and say good-bye to all of my friends here; I must admit they are many and dear to me. To all of you I wish the best.

My family in the states, on the other hand, have maybe seen me twice in the past 6 years. To them, I am looking forward to seeing you all this winter for the holidays.

Anyone who is curious can follow my exploits, for lack of a better vocabulary, over the next number of weeks here. This way I can avoid annoying you with a barrage of e-mails and photo attachments. This is my first blog and although I intend to update it regularly while traversing southeast asia, ....who knows?

So....it begins.

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