Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rasmus' Last Night and The National Parks

On Rasmus and Sabrina's last night, we made a beach fire and sat out in the sand until one in the morning. An Italian, named Samino who is a music producer in Italy, had an acoustic guitar and played for all of us. The moon was glistening off the sound of the waves and the thin clouds raced across its face. No one's camera was able to catch it. It was indescribable.

The next morning I went on another boat trip with Scott, Mary, Liza, and Maria. This time we took a speed boat to the national parks ( a group of 40+ islands out in the gulf). It was overcrowded and a bit disappointing, but the scenery was outstanding.

One trekking trail was rated "difficult" and was a series of rocks and ropes that Scott, Mary, and I decided to give up on about 75% of the way up.

We saw where they filmed the lagoon from the film, The Beach. All the little girls were beside themselves.

On the boat trip back, everyone was exhausted. Liza and I talked the whole way. She is 21, German, going to start her univeristy soon. She speaks English, French, and, of course, German. She is by far the most quick-witted and sarcastic girl I've talked with in a long time. Must be the youth.

I need to decide which day I will return to Bangkok....will be difficult.

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  1. Where have you been Keith?? I'm wringing my hands waiting for more adventure.